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The Benefits of a Laundry Room Ceiling Fan The Benefits of a Laundry Room Ceiling Fan

The Benefits of a Laundry Room Ceiling Fan

Laundry rooms can get hot and even warmer when you’re folding hot clothes. No matter the size of your home or family, you probably spend a good amount of time in your laundry room. If you haven’t thought about installing a ceiling fan in your laundry room, you may be missing out on a cooler, more comfortable lifestyle.

When you’re shopping for a laundry room ceiling fan, you’ll want to consider a few things first. The size and style of your laundry room are important factors to think about. Look for size chart on the packaging to identify the appropriate blade length that fits the dimensions of your laundry room.

  • For small rooms less than 10 feet by 10 feet, you’ll want a small ceiling fan that’s 32-48 inches, although for laundry rooms no more than 36 inches is recommended!
  • For large rooms up to 20 feet by 20 feet, a fan with 50-54 inch diameter is recommended. However, two small ceiling fans in a large room will work just as well!
  • For low-profile rooms less than 7 feet, you’ll want to select a low profile ceiling fan that hugs your ceiling. Look for wording on the packaging or website that indicates the ceiling fan is low-profile.
  • To match your style, Hunter offers a wide variety of ceiling fan designs tailored to fit most every style. This is where the fun begins! You can check out the latest laundry room styles on our website.


Cooler Room

Your washing and drying machines can give off a lot of heat when they’re running, increasing the temperature of your laundry room. To keep things cool, you’ll want to install a laundry room ceiling fan. Not only will installing a laundry room ceiling fan keep your laundry room cooler, but you’ll feel a lot cooler yourself while folding hot, fresh out of the dryer laundry. For a sleek, modern ceiling fan, try the Minimus. At 44 inches it’s the perfect size for any small to medium sized laundry room, and it’s ideal for low-profile ceilings.

Minimus Hunter low profile ceiling fan with LED light for living rooms with low ceilings

Faster Laundry

Sometimes we own clothes that can’t be put in the dryer, and that’s okay! Clothes on the drying rack are sure to dry faster with a ceiling fan overhead. A laundry room ceiling fan will make your life easier by drying your clothes in a speedier fashion, helping to eliminate excessive drying times. For unparalleled performance, look no further than Hunter’s SureSpeed™ Guarantee ceiling fans, which are optimized to deliver high-speed cooling. Two of our favorite SureSpeed ceiling fans for laundry rooms are the Cedar Key and Hunter Original®.

The perfect Hunter Ceiling Fan for your space
Hunter Symphony modern silver wifi ceiling fan with LED light

Extra Lighting

Often times, laundry rooms can be in the middle of the home without any windows or much natural lighting. By installing a ceiling fan in your laundry room, you’ll be able to add extra light to an otherwise dark room. Two ceiling fans with lights that we think would look especially stylish in a laundry room are the Southern Breeze and Tunable White LED Dempsey. The Southern Breeze comes equipped with three exposed LED bulbs for maximum lighting capability. Hunter’s Tunable White LED technology [is a new feature that lets you customize the temperature of the light to fit your needs.

Hunter Southern Breeze ceiling fan
Hunter's Dempsey with Tunable White LED Light 52 Inch

No matter what ceiling fan design you choose and no matter the laundry room style, you can be sure that a laundry room ceiling fan will bring value and comfort to your home. A ceiling fan in your laundry room means a more comfortable space, faster delicate laundry drying and extra lighting to make your life easier. So what’re you waiting for? Install your own laundry room ceiling fan today!