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Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Hunter Fan's low profile ceiling fans are compact yet ultra-powerful. Shop hugger ceiling fans and flush mount ceiling fan perfect for adding style to small spaces!

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Low Profile IV 42 inch
$89.99 - $99.99

With its compact form and sophisticated style, a low-profile ceiling fan is the perfect modern addition to any room with limited ceiling height. Hunter's flush-mount ceiling fans optimize space in small rooms with low ceilings while delivering maximum air circulation. Constructed with high-quality materials for powerful, wobble-free performance, our fans offer superior functionality and add an upscale look to any area of your home.


A low profile ceiling fan, also known as a flush mount ceiling fan or a hugger ceiling fan, is a fan that doesn’t have a downrod suspending it from the ceiling making the blades closer to the ceiling. Hugger ceiling fans, as the name implies, hug the ceiling allowing you to enjoy the air circulation of a ceiling fan in small spaces, while still having the recommended 7 feet between the floor and the blades. If you have a ceiling lower than 8 feet you will need to choose a flush mounted ceiling fan.


Our powerful technology and innovative designs ensure top performance and quiet operation without compromising on appearance. Incorporate a steady, comfortable breeze into your indoor or outdoor area with Hunter's extensive inventory of low-profile fans. Choose from casual and more formal styles to suit the design aesthetic of each space. Opt for a hugger ceiling fan with lights to illuminate a room, deck, or patio, or select a low profile fan without lights to perfectly integrate with your existing lighting plan. Low profile outdoor ceiling fans let you stay cool throughout the year despite the challenges of a low ceiling and limited clearing space for a ceiling fan. The outdoor fans with a low profile at Hunter showcase a diverse array of convenient features such as LED lighting options, dimmable lights, and multiple fan speed settings. All our outdoor fans are safety-rated and can also be installed indoors, so maintaining a consistent theme throughout your entire home is easier than ever.


Hunter offers a style for every homeowner, and with our innovative technology, you can operate your fan with greater convenience. Choose a SIMPLEconnect™ ceiling fan to connect to your current smart devices through Wi-Fi®. Set timers to turn your fan and its lighting on and off from your smartphone to save energy and time.


For lovers of minimalist design, our modern low-profile ceiling fans featuring three blades and clean lines create a super sleek look. If your home consists of more traditional decor, choose from our abundance of classic finishes to match your design preferences. When shopping for a fan to incorporate with the rest of your home's features and layout, you'll find myriad trending styles at Hunter, including:

  • Transitional Ceiling Fans.Transitional fans feature smooth lines and subtle designs to suit both traditional and contemporary room themes.
  • Industrial Ceiling Fans.The industrial style often incorporates heavy-duty construction for a raw, edgy look.
  • Rustic Ceiling Fans. A rustic fan often features wooden blades with organic textures to bring a sense of warmth and charm into the space.

Browse our full selection to find low-profile ceiling fans in other great styles, including farmhouse, nautical, and more. Hunter is here to help you design a space that's perfectly suited to your taste. Regardless of which low-profile fan you choose, you can count on our sturdy construction for top performance and the fit you need. Browse our large inventory of flush-mount fans today to find exactly what you need for your space.