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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Nursery ideas new dads will love Father’s Day Gift Guide: Nursery ideas new dads will love

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Nursery ideas new dads will love

What colors are you using in your nursery? Is your nursery going to have a theme? What does the crib look like? Nursery ideas typically revolve around the room’s décor, but there are so many other things to consider when designing a nursery.

There are plenty of nursery gadgets that provide convenience and peace-of-mind while you care for your newborn. Many parents are starting to add a nursery ceiling fan in the room because studies show it can help reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Hunter ceiling fans provide optimal air movement as well as convenient smart home technologies that dads (and moms) will love.

SIMPLEconnect smart home fans

Use voice commands to easily change the ceiling fan speed or dimmable light even in the middle of diaper changes with our SIMPLEconnect® WiFi ceiling fans. They’re compatible with other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant. It allows you to adjust the fan with voice commands, smart phones, smart watches, or the included handheld remote without disrupting the baby.

Romulus Smart home fan in Fresh White

Advocate SIMPLEconnect wifi ceiling fan with light.

Tunable White LED fans

Create the perfect ambiance in the nursery with a ceiling fan using our Tunable White LED technology. Use the daylight setting during wake-up time (whether you or the baby need help waking up at 5 a.m.). Cool white can help encourage productivity, so use it during tummy time with the newborn. To help everyone wind down at night, use the warm white setting to help encourage a relaxing environment.

Brushed Nickel Dempsey with Tunable White LED
Hunter modern ceiling fan Dempsey with Tunable White LED light in modern office


Ceiling fans with remotes

New mom Jessica told us one of her favorite features of her Hunter nursery ceiling fan is the included remote. When the baby is sleeping with her in the nursery glider chair or when she’s feeding the baby, not having to get up to move across the room to adjust the fan at the wall control is key to keeping baby happy. Many of our ceiling fans with remotes come with pre-paired remote controls and pre-installed remote receivers for easy installation and so you can start using the fan quickly once it’s installed.

Hunter Pendleton black ceiling fan with Spider Rock pattern
Hunter Bureau modern ceiling fan with marble glass and LED light

Other newborn gadgets dad will love:

  • Owlet Sock: The smart sock wraps around your baby’s foot to monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep via pulse oximetry. Get notifications through the sock’s base station or via the Owlet app.
  • Pocket Nanny: During those first few weeks of having a newborn, it can be hard to remember anything. Press a button on the Pocket Nany after a diaper change, feeding, or nap and the timer will let you know how long it's been since each task.
  • Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine: A nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert all in one! And it can be controlled with an app on your smart phone.
  • Awair Air Quality Monitor: About the size of a clock, this nursery gadget tracks toxins, chemicals, fine dust, carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature of the room.